Curiouser and Curiouser: A Contemporary Twist on Alice in Wonderland for Westgate Oxford

Curiouser and Curiouser: A Contemporary Twist on Alice in Wonderland for Westgate Oxford

nineteentwenty helps ‘open the door’ in new spot, with Snap London and Friend.

nineteentwenty, working with agency Snap London and production company Friend London, have brought to life Alice in Wonderland for the launch of Oxford’s new premium retail and lifestyle destination.

Reflecting on the whimsical spot that puts a contemporary twist on the Lewis Carroll, Ryan Hadfield, nineteentwenty VFX Supervisor said, “One of the main challenges for Westgate was making our hero character “Alice” either gigantic or small depending on the shot.
We had to make sure that every background we shot had logged camera information that included height, angle, distance and lenses used. This was then used to line up Alice’s green screen shots for comping her onto the Oxford landmarks, some of which were shot in situ to match the lighting as closely as possible. The English weather, mostly overcast and rainy, had its advantages and disadvantages. That is, the lighting was consistent but the rain meant everything was very wet.

Becky Grove, TV Producer for Snap London, said, ““nineteentwenty couldn’t have been more collaborative on what was an ambitious project. A real pleasure to work with the whole team, they are super on it and are always offering creative solutions.”


Creative Agency

Producer: Becky Grove

Creative Director: Martin Galton

Creative Agency: Snap London

Music and Sound

Sound Design: Ben Gulvin @ 750mph

Composer: Brendan Woithe


Editor: Flaura Atkinson

Edit Company: The Quarry

Post Production / VFX

VFX Supervisor: Ryan Hadfield

VFX Producer: Hannah Ruddleston

Post Production House: nineteentwenty

Colourist: Duncan Russell @ Freefolk

Production Company

Production Company: Friend London

Producer: Dulcie Kellet

Director: Greg & Lio