Julio Bashmore

Noah Harris

nineteentwenty have just finished a bunch of shots on Noah Harris’ latest promo for Julio Bashmore.

The promo is based around the inner workings of a girls mind, along with a number of spiritual references that are way to deep for us to go into, realised in the most amazing piece of animation seen for years. Noah gave a great interview on the Creative Review website that’s worth reading,

A crazy schedule included 80 shots to be posted in one week, so nineteentwenty, along with a number of other facilities, jumped into the fray to help Noah deliver this amazing piece of work.

The main bulk of the work was layering up various animation passes that were all shot seperately, and the usual rig-removal associated with stop-frame animation. There was also a seperate 2D animated pass of the girls hair that needed compositing. Sync was key, as almost every element represented a beat or instrument in the song.

Check out the whole thing here: