Spring/Summer 2014


Howard Greenhalgh

nineteentwenty have joined forces with St. Luke’s and Howard Greenhalgh from Soft Target to produce the latest Spring/Summer commercials for Littlewoods.

The campaign consists of two twenty second and three ten second ads. For the twenties, there is a garden setting that has Mylene dispelling a single grey cloud that somehow always manages to find it’s way in front of the sun. There then follows a single camera move that sweeps through the garden, ending on a beautiful summer lunch around a table. In the second twenty, Mylene uses the Littlewoods ‘touch’ to change a showery summer day into a dry, bright one, which is also followed by a sweeping camera move through the interior of the house.

In ‘Garden’ we built and rendered the cloud that disappears, adding the ‘touch’ spark element, we also added smoke to the barbecue and removed a number of elements from the background that would have left the garden looking slightly less English.

For ‘Living Room’ we combined a number of layers for the ‘touch’ shot and created the transition for the garden umbrella. There was also the football scene to create and composite into the tv.

In both cases we were responsible for creating the transitional effect that was used for compressing time and moving us around the sets. Also, all of Mylene’s end frames were shot against green screen for logistical reasons, so we composited these against shot backplates, adding the ‘touch’ and title elements.

VFX: nineteentwenty

VFX Supervisor: Ludo Fealy

VFX Producer: Scott Griffin

Director: Howard Greenhalgh

Production Company: Soft Target

Agency: St Lukes

Colourist: Jean-Clement Soret at MPC